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Immediations; The Anarchive

As part of my ongoing work with SenseLab and other local artists in Montreal, my practice has expanded to include photography and film as a method of documentation for collaborative and public-participatory events. However such material is then explored as an alternative form of archiving an event, in the sense that rather then encapsulating ‘what happened’ in the past-tense to canonize an event, the documentation is used to create invitations to re-activate the event’s core propositions, with modified configurations.

Being present for the entire arch an event -its conception, participation-in, the documentation, and how it is crafted/edited as a shared online- has become a key part of my practice and research-creation for ImmediationsKey to this work is the concept of the anarchive.

The anarchive refers to the fact that the archive in the digital age never sits still. Digital media events are reactivatable by nature, and lend themselves to re-uptake, remix and contagion. There is an in-built unruliness to them. This calls into question traditional practices of documentation and archiving, which operate on a model of passive storage. The anarchive is a kind of dynamic, open-air archiving in which media events are let loose to proliferate through networks, mutating as they go, and triggering follow-on events. – Immediations Partnership Grant Proposal, 2013