Graphic Design

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Book Cover Design

Politics of Affect – Commissioned by Brian Massumi for Polity Press

Plankton Dreams, What I learned in Special Ed – Commissioned by Immediations Book Series for Open Humanities Press

Protest and Mass Mobilization, Authoritarian Collapse and Political Change in North Africa – Commissioned by Merouan Mekouar for Ashgate (forthcoming in 2016)

Poster Design

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Logo design


ACAQ : Arts Curators Association of Québec (2013)

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 8.51.16 PM

The design concept for this logo was focused on expression the interdisciplinary nature of ACAQ curatorial studies, across a spectrum of visual arts to performance. To convey this through the acronyms of the organization, origami was a visual reference and source of inspiration. Moving from left to right, the letter forms express a progression from 2-d to 3-d to a time-based dimensions. As the ‘A’ and ‘C’ move towards more complicated folds, the second ‘A’ then begins to lift off the page, through the placement of a shadow behind it. Then the  ‘Q’ moves towards a fully 3-dimensional object, ‘propped up’ in the visual space. However it also makes allusions to time-based dimensions, through the visual reference of a sun-dial.

Based in Montreal, Quebec and established in Summer 2012, ACAQ focuses on curatorial study and practices for international arts curators, both in performance arts (dance/movement, émergent practices, interdisciplinary forms, media arts, music/sound, theater/text-based) and its intersections with visual arts. ACAQ serves to stimulate fresh thinking about best practices that further inspire theoretical grounding and contemporary curatorial practices.



Stitching Time Logo (2012), used in conjunction with exhibition at the 18th Sydney Biennale


Stitching Time is a sculptural artwork consisting of a durational textile installation designed to be reshaped over time, visitors are encouraged to participate by altering the fabric, design or use of space. This ‘logo’ was used as a stamp imprint on wax, used to ‘stamp’ each piece of the collection gifted to participants in the space.

The circles in the design allude to the small magnets used throughout the collection, while the lines suggest the folds of fabric. The magnets fold and hold pieces of fabric together in a variety of configurations, and are key to the overall project’s conceptual interests. Below are a selection of images form the exhibition that resonate with the core visual references used for the logo.



AMP: performance | photography collective, sponsored by janejaneproductions (2010)

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 1.37.07 AM

AMP aims to network artists, arts organizations, community groups in the South Bronx, NYC and Montreal to create and launch initiatives that further connect artists with publics.